Sunday, July 22, 2007

Prague's incredible band Blue Valentines. Yes, legendary diva Aileen Loy is back!!!

Dear Prague friends, i have fantastic news. 28.07.2007 at Popocafepetl club in Prague will have show incredible band Blue Valentines.

Yes, legendary diva Aileen Loy is back!!!
Aileen Loy is a singer and she also has nice paintings. Her paintings u can check here. She interprets Tom Waits songs with the group Blue Valentines. Her voice is amaizing. And shows are usually unforgetable!

Aileen Loy paintings

We love you Aileen!!!
Check Blue Valentines songs: (this links have expired)
Blue Valentines - Alice
Blue Valentines - I dont wanna grow up

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jarmila Vesela & Gustav Brom and his Orchestra. I love you baby, Ich liebe dich, Я тебя люблю, Je t'aime...

Funny song about international lovers. Refrain in 4 languages. I love you baby, Ich liebe dich, Я тебя люблю, Je t'aime.. la la la la la la la......

Jarmila Vesela & Gustav Brom and his Orchestra - Co je vic nezli laska (link has expired)

picture: illustration by Adolf Hoffmeister. From czech surrealistic review Eroticka Revue. 1930 - 1933.

Food from 1977 - Bon Appetit!

Time for dinner and i am so sleepy.. Jana Robbova sings about it too. She sings about love for sleeping.
sleep in every situation.
for example she sings : sleep and drive car is  sweetest...

the song from 1977: (link has expired)
Jana Robbova - Ja rada spim

about the photo on top: i think, every picture tell a story..

Good morning! I had a strange dream tonight..

Good morning! I had a strange dream tonight.. i dreamed about that the world is vanity. After i wake up i found in my vinyl bag 2 hungarian vinyl records. So funny stuff for morning tea! Well, gingery and hot czabay kolbas is today suitable for my breakfast table.

The songs are from 1967: (this links have expired)
Poor Peter - Syrius együttes
Máté Peter - A Magyar Rádió és TV Szimfonikus Tánczenekara

the picture on the top: fashion model of the czech pyjamas from 1962

Monday, July 2, 2007

Tarr Hajnalka, Крокодил Гена, mrdantefontana, Lou Kash and others - thanx for support!!!

well. i had heavy time. i was victim of justice mistake. it was strange and absurd story. there was money, politics, accidents and my person. but story has happy end. for now. it was really scary experience for me. more scary situation that is at the photo whith czech legendary movie person Krtecek enclosed by popes. this photo sent me at the worst time young beautiful hungarian artist "Hajni" Hajnalka Tarr. Thank you for support Hajni! and for now i post one czech underground song from 80`s. it was the time when justice rightness in my country was just in formal form. The song has nice lyrics, say about something like:
What are money for, if drinks are over
what is illusion for if life is for vomitus
and what for u stand here and force me out
when i wanna fly like a bird
what is freedom for if you have fear of it...
or some like:
what is intelligence for if you dont need to think
what is the heart for if you dont need to feel...
Posadkova hudba marneho Slavy - K cemu (this link is expired)

Hey Folk! Dont go away!

Hey Folk! Dont go away! Open the champagnes, open the caviar, roll a cannabis joints. Because I am back!!! Lets go to the party! Lets go to the disco! This song is one of many czech cover versions what was made during the 60s, 70s and 80s. Marie Rottrova sign cover song Stayin´ Alive. Its not so bizzare. but still enough good. but ok not for everybody.
Marie Rottrova - Hodina H (Stayin´ Alive) (this link has expired)